What's the occassion?

We know Valentine's Day, Christmas, Birthdays and Anniversaries are perfect occasions to show your sensitivity and imagination through the gift of lingerie. But remember guys every day is a good day to turn up the heat in a relationship by giving lingerie to someone you care about. If you make her feel special who knows maybe she will return the favour!

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Shoppers Notice

Be warned...shopping for something a little saucy and sassy is not easy...dreams do not always come true...often it is a person choice between two people...so never assume!  

The evening affair is doomed if its all about..."I"...we must be invited to the party!

Lingerie is basically a fancy term for underwear for ladies.
"Intimate Apparel" ranging from practical panties & bras, minimizing shape wear, padded enhancing shape wear & last but never least, sexy, naughty, provocative, fun wear!

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If you need some inspiration whilst searching for that special surprise, our lingerie gift guide is here to help. A birthday, wedding, anniversary or simply a sexy treat for the one you love, whatever the occasion Bedtime Flirt can meet your gift requirements.

Our fun personality guide below may give you some ideas.

Why buy sexy lingerie?

You can really keep relationships fresh through lingerie. Like bringing home flowers, going out to dinner and making love on the kitchen floor, lingerie adds spice and keeps things hot.

While any gift is thoughtful, nothing says sexy like lingerie. Every woman wants to feel desirable. The best news is, lingerie is a gift that you will enjoy too.

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